The Ban Tuur Steppe

The Ban Tuur Steppe – Tieflings

“Ban Tuur” means the Children of Tuur. The Tiefling Barbarian Horse Lords called of the South are called the Khen. These are fierce nomadic warriors who raid their neighbors and make life difficult for people trying to cross this region.
The Ban Tuur believe Tuur’s ash is holy and paint themselves with in before combat. They call their elite cavalry, the Ash Wind. When you see these horse riders covered in ash, most know to flee for their lives.

A handful of warlocks who see the gods in everything, the greatest of which is the Volcano Tuur. These warlocks are the “Firespeakers” who build ritual bonfires to commune with their god, and create the funeral pyres they use to dispose of their dead.

The Khen are led by their chieftain, the Gân, a hereditary title named for the first ruler of the horselands. As a rite of passage for their adolescents, they raid the road from Spineguard Keep to Titan’s Gate. The men of the Northern Sanction consider this an act of war as their own men are killed in these raids. But the Khen cannot be negotiated with. Their response is always that “children must learn to be adults. What can be done?”

It is said that the Volcano Tuur contains a forge so powerful that magic artifacts can be created. The men of the north want it, but the Khen horse lords protect it. Tuur is known as the Father of Fire to them and they believe they were built born from the fire and lava.

Tieflings are a hated race, many see Tieflings as demons and “splinter abominations” (named for the abyssal creatures that spawned at the Splintering). While the Tiefling race is definitely cunning and crude, and there are some villainous characters, they are by no means evil as a race. Tieflings are often misunderstood. Their main focus is survival, by whatever means necessary.

The Ban Tuur Steppe

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