Crossroads in Cain

Episode X: The Vrock & Rog Ridguz

Last week on the Crossroads in Cain, We found our heroic, although possibly misguided, party on an edge of a plateau able to see far to the many Orc settlements in the distance. After full nights’ rest, a large flying beast approached our temporary camp. As it drew nearer the party attempted to conceal themselves under the foliage. However, N’ogg was distracted with worry for our new bunny friend, and didn’t find cover in time. As the Vrock approached Gormak and Tyson laid down an impressive onslaught of range attacks. After knowing that Harvey Bojangles, the ‘Duke of Bun Jovi’, was safe N’ogg decided to make a daring attack by running up a tree, jumping off a branch, and swinging violently at the demonic bird. The Vrock, knowing it has come upon a prepared party, let out a stunning screetch in an attempt to break our spirits. Tyson and Lusor were able to resist the deafening noise, and continued the offensive. As the beast was being destroyed a group of disgusting goblins approached ready to attack the party as they had seen two half-elves in the distance. After the party quickly dispatched most of the arrogant creatures, Gormak, N’ogg, and Lusor interrogated the final survivor and learned much information.
We Learned that all of Ul-Doka was posturing towards war with the humans of the east, Orc and goblin tribes alike were staging their forces in by the Great Kanrokk fire. N’ogg continued to ask questions about her old Clan and the awful supposed to be dead Slog. The party found themselves only a short distance away from the Rog-Riguz stronghold, So we decided to visit the old family and attempt to put N’ogg’s worries at ease. After the group was finished interrogating the goblin, Gormak carried out his normal tradition in dispatching a deserving goblin. He bled the goblin the same way those honor less creatures injured him.
Arriving in a ruse of transporting prisoners. Lusor and Tyson played the part of Chewie in ANH Episode IV, Gormak, N’ogg, and acting hired merc Gaitus gained access to the camp. After learning Slog had taken the local troops to The Great Kanrokk Fire, N’ogg attempts to assume her rightful place as the leader of Rog Riguz Clan. Stay tuned to find out how these events transpire…..



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