Crossroads in Cain

Episode VII: An Underground Mission

Black Everything (Oozes, Towers, Stones, Elves, Tunnels...)

Tyson is son of elf-king, Oranus. He say dark elves overrun his city and did many horrible things to his people and family. Only little Tyson escape. With dark elf mischief, elf-king must keep Tyson’s royal blood secret. Cyric thinks dark elves fight with Cordnaa. Wants to keep magic rock. Good idea. Cantwe not think so. He fight with king. Gives up easy and leaves. Hmph!

King asks Nogg and her friends to search hole that dark elves come from. Gives Tyson old wand from war against the dark elves. Nogg not like wand, but Tyson know magic. Messenger says Farhan’s palace burns. Maybe cause Little Man, Gaitus, throw fire bomb when we fight Noble Knights. On way to cathedral, we see burnt placae of Fahran. Much fire. Many repairs. Nogg not good with repairs. Nogg would go fight dark elves instead.

In dark elf hole, Little One track dark elf who ran away. Gaitus take strange mushroom and get poison. Stupid. Little One find dark elf being eaten by black ooze. Gaitus throw lightning bottle and torch ooze. Little Man strange fighter but getting stronger. Hmph! Bottles. Silly. Little one gets burned badly by ooze. Tyson use fire magic and destroy ooze.

Tyson ask dark elf many questions. Has strange tunic with strange buttons from mountains. Dark elf say little. Tyson stomps on dark elf’s throat. Nogg like when Tyson fight with strength instead of magic. Black stone is stuck in dark elf chest. Hmph! Nogg not like black stones. Bad magic. Insist we leave stone. We continue and Little One sets off steam traps.

We find chamber with big hammer and big bow. Not good weapons. Little one find good bow. Magic, maybe. This one not scared Nogg, though. We keep going. Path is slippery but Little One leads us. We must crawl. Tunnel falls out under Nogg. Little One catches her. Good fighter. Protects friends. Strange clicking noises from underneath. Hook monster attacks. Is no match for us. We cross hole and run on. Big explosion. We end in strange place of smooth black rock. Lusor says we are in Miradnas Tower by the Grey Castle. Hmph!



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