Zrolis- Dragonborn

Zrolis is home to the Dragonborn of the desert. Once a nomadic race, the dragonborn settled and became civilized. Like the men of Belfour, they are constantly warring against the Yuan-ti of the Scale Hills.

The capital city of Zrolis is Ziris, known as the Glass City, the Shining Star of the Sand. The structures in the capital are made of stone and glass, and a giant, walled ziggarut dominates the cityscape.

The dragonborn fashion glass weapons and armor using their fire-breath. Dragonglass, also known as Zirathnian Steel. It is light, strong and durable, but incredibly rare. They have hyper-accurate maps of the stars, which they claim foretells of a future rife with struggle. Their mathematics are far in advance of any other culture in Cain. Arane science is studied and honed. There are some from the Northern Sanction who are jealous and/or terrified of the potential “Dragonborn threat” to the continent.

Zrolis is a democracy where only wizards can vote, the Grand Vizir is elected by the Council of Seven, the leading wizards from each school of magic, minus Necromancy. Currently S’vaaj — the Snake-eater, so called because of his string of military victories against the Yuan-ti — leads Zrolis.

In the deep desert, a more primitive dragonborn civilization use wind-powered
sand-skiffs. Their knights ride giant salamanders into battle.


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