Ul-Doka – Orcs & Half-Orcs

The home to the Red Sun tribe of Orcs. Once, Ul-Doka stretched south to the mountains, including the Burnt Hills. But the men of the Northern Sanction cut back the forest and drove the orcs north.

The Orcs now call themselves the Kanrokk (“The Homeless”) because the humans of the Northern Sanction deforested the plain and evicted the orcs from the southern territory.

Historically there is a blood-fued with the men of Sanction. For the last 30 years there has been a fragile peace between the Orcs and the Northern Sanction. Yiuset is having trouble keeping the peace thanks to the angry dwarves of Karim, who regularly threaten trade sanctions. Furthermore, rogue Orc tribes raid the surrounding settlements, which also puts a strain on the alliance.

The tribes are led by Warfather Vakun, who negotiated the peace with Yiuset in exchange for access to the port city. He also wants trade with the other regions of Cain, and wishes to be considered a legitimate power on the continent. The Northern Sanction does not wish this to happen and regularly attempts to stall and keep the rise of the Orc tribes at bay.


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