The Story of the Known World

The Story of The Known World

Before there was substance, before there was matter, before there were even sentient beings, the Titan Gods created life out of nothingness. First, the celestial beings built the planet, then created the earthen ground into one single continent and surrounding sea. Finally each of the Titan Gods made speaking races in their own image.

The Titan Gods used a combined and intensely powerful magic to create the speaking races. After the speaking races were conceived, the beasts and plants necessary to sustain life were created.

The Known World flourished and life scattered throughout the continent. Peaceful harmony was attained.

For thousands of years the earth grew and lifeforms evolved. But eventually, greed and thirst for power poisoned the once peaceful planet, and war between the Speaking Races and Titan Gods began. Through arcane study and manipulation, the magic that the Titan Gods used to create the planet and the life on it was warped. The Titan Gods — once harmonious partners, each holding a stake in the world — turned on each other, siding with their respective races. At times a Titan God would have speaking races warring under the same banner.

Through the years of utter chaos, the world was torn asunder, and in one cataclysmic event, the once single continent was violently split into three. Billions of the world’s inhabitants perished. But also, foul beasts spawned from the splintering on Cain’s sister continents. The continent of Cain was spared by these ‘Splinter Zones’.

During this time on Cain, Lesser Gods formed out of a combination of manipulated arcane magic and the divine force of the Titan Gods — almost always against their will. The Lesser Gods were given credit for keeping the beasts out of Cain, and the blame of the now splintered world was put on the The Titan Gods.

The Titan Gods were either destroyed or banished to oblivion by their own Speaking Races and Lesser Gods. Now the Lesser Gods (known as just the Gods) serve as the pantheon of Cain. Peace has crept into the Known World. And Cain has remained virtually beast-free. Most all will admit that the world is better off without the Titan Gods. Others won’t even speak of their creators or acknowledge their existence.

The attainted peace teeters. Alliances form and break. Intrigue and back-stabbing kings, queens and nobles are rampant. Spy networks and conspiracies. Extreme religions. Poverty. Crime. Corruption. Is Cain headed for a second war? It seems as if peace is expiring.

Splinter Continents

The splintered continents are known as Karem-Kora and Myrxs. Karem-Kora is rumored to be mostly tropical, and is located to the northwest of Cain. Myrxs is located many leagues to the south and is said to be a barren, tundra wasteland. Oceanic Splinter Zones rife with sea-beasts block all sea travel to either continent, so virtually nothing is known about these horrible places.

The Story of the Known World

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