The Northern Sanction

The Northern Sanction – Humans

Granted to the men of the north by the dwarves (back when the Ull’Thar dwarves ran the region) it is the last remaining civilized area of Men. It is broken into three kingdoms.

This kingdom is the sole ally of Karim. Ruled by Queen Aeleth in Ardenia City, Lora is famous for its bardic college: the College of the Whispered Song (The Whisper) led by Master Troubador Cristoph. Lora’s bards travel the kingdoms, collecting and spreading news of Cain.

Lora is in open conflict with the Orc tribes, even though the other two kingdoms have made such peace. This is likely due to the threat of losing the alliance with Karim if Lora made such a pact. The Karim would certainly cut off trade with Lora, and pull back their military support.

Yiuset & The Burnt Hills
Yiuset is a major port city of the Nothern Sanction. Located up river, the city teems with different races and culture. The focus of the city is on business and trade. Even half-orcs and orcs (outcasts of the Red Sun Orc Tribes) are known to do business here.

It is ruled by Ruled by King Cyric the Grey, in his 91st year. He was alive during the kingdom of Ull’Thar and witnessed the horrors of that war. His daugher, Princess Elise, is set to inherit the kingdom once her father passes. The people of Haldrim love Princess Elise, and remember her as a girl. Cyric’s younger daughter, Miranda, is rumored to be a devious sorceress who has been banished to a tower built for her.

30 years prior, King Cyric made a truce with the Orc tribes to the north, which has angered many. A legion of once brutal soldiers called the Sethis abandoned the Northern Sanction along with many sympathizers, and took to the neighboring hills. They have since grown in power and are set on attacking both the Northern Sanction and Ul-Doka, hoping to be recognized. Baathta is now Lord of these Barbarian Tribes in The Burnt Hills.

Belfour & the Scale Hills
Belfour has the largest standing army, which is primarily used for defense. The threat of attack by the Snake Men (Yuan-ti) of the Scale Hills keeps the army on the defense, and away from defending the pass between the Broken Spine.

Belfour is ruled by King Godfrey, the teenaged leader who only recently came to the throne when his father King Edmond died in battle against the Snake Men of the Scale Hills. His death is sung as a glorious last-stand that the bards of The Whisper tell. Though recent rumors say otherwise as a body was never produced.

Godfrey was raised to be a king and a knight. At fifteen he is already a capable horseman and warrior. Eager to avenge his father, he is advised by the Knight-commander Duncan.

Titan’s Gate
This port city was built and defended by the men of the Northern Sanction. It is located south of the Spine on the coast. The port is a lot smaller (and at times is crowded) but serves as the southern coast’s hub of business and trade. There is no ruling faction, but rather a Port Council which handles its affairs.

The Titan’s Gate is supported by Spineguard Keep, which is a large tower garrisoned by troops of the Northern Sanction. Recently the city of Belfour pulled its troops out and is now more vulnerable to attacks from the Ban-Tuur, Duergar and Drow.

The Northern Sanction

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