The Barrowlands

The Barrowlands – Halflings

Located to the Southeast of the Veil and the Ban Tuur Steppe is the Barrowlands, a small domain of halflings. This domain is protected by the forest V’ael and its fog, which the Baan Tur never cross. From the sea it is protected by a heavy kelp forest which is rumored to contained aquatic beasts.

While some halflings seek the life of adventure, most are content living a life of fishing, farming, food and relaxation. The outside strife that is Cain does not exist here. Travelers barely visit The Barrowlands as it offers no real opportunity for business or dealings. The Barrowlands are ruled by a council that meets only once per year to hash out local “disputes”.

Halflings are rare in other places. Most halfling “adventurers” who venture out of The Barrowlands are often confused for gnomes, and are patronized for their sized and stocky appearance.

The Barrowlands

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