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Crossroads In Cain

Cain is one continent of three in the known world, which was built by the Titan Gods over 3,000 years ago — or so the story is told.

The Story of the Known World
The Pantheon of Cain

Kingdoms, Lands and the Inhabiting Races of Cain
I. The Broken Spine
II. Karim
III. The Northern Sanction
IV. Elafal
V. Quasqueton
VI. The Ban Tuur Steppe
VII. The Veil
VIII. The Barrowlands
VIIII. Zrolis
X. Ul-Doka
XI. The Dead Kingdom

Important Game Info
Adventure Log
Group Loot Sheet
Character Spells
Player Characters & NPCs
Heroic Favor

Main Page

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