Tyson Alagos

Half-High Elf Sorcerer of Wild Magic from Elafal


Tyson is a cloistered scholar with a wild streak — likely caused by his Wild Magic abilities. As a Half-Elf in High-Elf Elafal, he has always thought of himself as an outcast and not accepted by either of his parents, whom he never knew. He grew up as an orphan in an elf household. His innate sorcerer abilities, which first manifested when he was too young to control or understand them, only compounded this isolation. Tyson has spent his life studying to try to understand the origin of these abilities so he might find a place to fit in. This can be considered an obsession. One time Tyson breached the magic wall of restricted library — at great risk of being thrown in jail — just so he could do some research on a book he had heard about spontaneous magic. Luckily, he was not caught. Unfortunately, the book was about scrying for Wizards.

Tyson does not have many friends. But Lusor is a rare exception. The two first met as youths in Elafal when Lusor caught Tyson using magic to disturb bards on stage. Tyson later imbued Lusor with some sweet licks on the lute in return for some gold, which Tyson squandered on a “Book of Magic” sold by a charlatan by the name of Gaitus. The book Tyson purchased was not the ancient arcane spellbook that he thought. Instead it is a cookbook written in Lizardfolk sold to him by Gaitus. Tyson still does not know of the book’s true origin and regularly flips through it hoping to one day understand the contents.

Later at The College of the Whispering Song’s library, where Lusor was studying. During this visit they fell back into their old ways and played a prank on a local farmer. The prank went awry. In the course of the old flaming bag on the doorstep trick, Tyson’s power got away from him and torched the barn, instead of igniting a spark to light the bag. After burning the barn down, they had to make their way back in the dark to the village through untraversed fields of snakes and evil spirits. They barely survived.

Party Close Connections:
Lusor Deloranor – The two old friends regularly wreaked in the form of (usually) harmless pranks.

Gaitus, the Rogue – Gaitus sold Tyson the “spellbook” (cough cookbook cough) and has convinced him he has a knack for finding ancient spellbooks. Gaitus tags along hoping to continue to con the blinded sorcerer.

Gormak – Tyson met Gormak in a city where Tyson was tracking down a rare book and Gormak was selling skins. Thinking his skins would make ideal book bindings and being low on funds, Tyson used an illusion to try to swindle the skins from Gormak. Gormak realized something was amiss when his arrow went right through the creature that suddenly sprung up in the city street in front of him. Realizing such skills might be useful in hunting, he agreed to give Tyson the skins he wanted in return for help on a hunting expedition. Tyson, slightly nervous the Half-Orc would tear his arm off, agreed. Tyson and Gormak are friends after bonding on their hunting trip.

Ideals: Tyson believes in no limits, and that nothing should fetter the infinite possibility inherent in all existence.

Bonds: Tyson seeks to understand the origin of his wild magic abilities which has driven his studies and thirst for knowledge.

Flaw: He believes that unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the price of a civilization. This sort of belief sounds very dangerous even to his friends.

Tyson Alagos

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