Dragonborn Paladin from Zrolis


Background: As soon as he was old enough, Thoros joined a local militia comprised of other survivors from his clan’s massacre whose goal it was to locate those responsible and avenge his clan. Thoros impressed his clan leader, and was quickly promoted to first soldier.

When his commander was killed, Thoros took command and recklessly attacked a much larger force of Yuan-Ti. All but Thoros was killed. Feeling ashamed, Thoros resigned from the militia and left seeking a new path, but never forgetting what happened.

Thoros then became a paladin after swearing to the god Helm that he would take vengeance on the Yuan-Ti snake-men who massacred his clan. He also took up his god as a means to make up for his costly mistake — to himself, and to those from his company whom suffered at the hands of Thoros’ recklessness.

Party Close Connections:
Gormak, the Ranger – Back when Thoros was training in the mountains with his militia, the company went North where there was little food for hunting and foraging. His commander, Balasar, looking to push the troops, sent them to the brink of exhaustion. Balasar ordered they find their own food. Deep in the forest, Thoros and the other fighters realized that game would be nearly impossible to find. Thoros, out on a hunt, met a young Orc named Gormak, who had just slayed a great bear. The two bartered and Thoros healed Gormak’s wounds in exchange for fresh meat for him and his fellow, hungry Dragonborn. In addition, the Dragonborn taught Gormak some close-quarters combat techniques. The two consider themselves brothers-in-arms.

Gaitus, the Rogue – Thoros met Gaitus in a tavern near the city of Belfour while the rogue was fleeing from a gang that he had conned. Gaitus with his quick thinking, decided to con Thoros into acting as his own personal bodyguard with the promise of helping him locate and avenge his company’s killer/Yuan-Ti leader. Gaitus has since used Thoros in various cons without the Dragonborn knowing. Thoros is usually there to act as Gaitus’ cover or as a means to make amends for the poor people that the rogue swindles. Thoros is slowly beginning to lose his faith in Gaitus after the lack of progress in finding the Yuan-Ti leader he made six months ago.

Ideals: The nation of Zrolis, the “Glass City” of Ziris, and the Dragonborn race is what really matters to Thoros.

Bonds: Thoros will never forget the crushing defeat his company suffered and the Yuan-ti who dealt it.

Flaw: Thoros made a terrible mistake in battle that cost many lives—and he would do anything to keep that mistake secret from his new companions.


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