Nogg Turell

Half-Orc Barbarian from Ul-Doka & Yiuset


Nogg’s mother, Alena Turell, was heiress to a powerful merchant company started by her father. Not one for the regal manner expected of her position, she often got into trouble and tended toward brigands and dangerous sorts. This is how she came to meet Nogg’s father, Gunaakt. Gunaakt was the leader of a small orc tribe of barely over a few dozen. Only nine months after their meeting, Nogg was born. Her grandfather, Kenneth Turell, would not have such a scandal on his house and at only a few days old, she was shipped off to be raised by her father’s tribe in Ul-Doka.

Nogg grew up quick and grew up tough, raiding with the small tribe, the Var-Tek, and accepting all physical challenges of her kin to prove her strength. When she was 14, her father was killed by Slog the Bloodied, a chief of another roving tribe, the Rog-Ridguz. Slog merged the Var-Tek into her tribe, and Nogg remained reluctantly. Eventually Nogg challenged Slog, and won the long-fought duel by tearing out his throat and watching him bleed out, earning her the name “Bloodletter” from the rest of the tribe.

The Rog-Ridguz sought to make her the new chief. Heartbroken at the loss of her father, she took her axe and what food she could carry and set out for Yuiset to find her mother. She arrived in Yuiset two weeks later on the brink of starvation.

A sleazy, halfling bar owner who called himself one-eyed Wenry — even though he had both eyes — nursed Nogg back to health. Wenry demanded she work as an enforcer to re-pay him for saving her life. She obliged, mostly because she didn’t know what else to do while she sought out her mother.

After many months, Wenry informed Nogg of a rumor that Alena Turell had just died of illness, leaving behind papers of pedigree for her half-orc daughter. She eventually found the clerk tending to her mother’s estate and the papers confirmed with vivid description of her father and her past, that Nogg was surely Alena’s daughter. She then swore to dedicate her life to her mother’s memory, doing the best she could to bring honor and glory to to the Turell name.

Party Close Connections:
Gaitus, the Rogue – Gaitus tells Thoros that they need to help a sick woman that he has a history with. But Gaitus has other ideas — that being conning a sick woman out of her gold. Not knowing that Alena Turell had a child who’s inheritance he would be stealing, the charlatan conned Alena’s fortune using medical care as a ruse. Unfortunately, it turns out she had a daughter Nogg, who does not know about the missing inheritance. Gaitus is worried that Nogg will find out about the money, which was gambled away. He keeps her close, always looks out for her, and is racked with guilt at the fact that he unknowingly stole her inheritance. Still, he cannot find the nerve to tell her. Maybe someday.

Thoros – The Paladin is being used by Gaitus to serve as a cover. In the Alena Turell con, Thoros attempted to stave off death for sick woman while Gaitus emptied her bank account, without Thoros’ knowledge. When Nogg learned of her mother’s illness she traveled Yuiset in the hopes of being able to see her mother one last time. Nogg arrived in time to meet Gaitus and Thoros, but it was too late for her to see her mother. Nogg learned how Thoros and Gaitus attempted to cure her mother’s illness and was extremely grateful. The trio became friends quickly.

Lusor – Nogg, working as a hired guard in Yuisset outside a tavern, was drawn to Lusor’s sexy, mix-raced features and his musical prowess. She put the moves on him and he did not decline. They had a lovely evening.

Gormak – The first time Gormak met Nogg was many years ago when he was peddling his hides to to the Ver’Tuk tribe. They became friends because of their common half-orc blood. Gormak had never seen a half-orc so strong that could take on full blooded Orcs in unarmed combat. On the flipside, Nogg had never seen a half-orc who exuded so many human qualities. Nogg tried to relay a friendly affection toward Gormak, but was inarticulate in doing so. She has tried to form a bond with him and hopes he will one day come around and realize they are cut form the same cloth — though she can’t convey those feelings so eloquently.

Ideals: The good that her human family has done will help strengthen human-orc relations. Nogg is beholden to her human family name and the furthering families who seek to better the inhabitants of the continent.

Bonds: Nogg will face any challenge to win the approval or prove the worth of her family.

Flaw: She is quick to respond aggressively to insults towards her family and those she holds dear.

Nogg Turell

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