Lusor Deloranor

Half-High Elf Bard from Lora


Background: Lusor’s parents met in the Northern Sanction city of Yiuset and were involved in trade between the High Elves of Elafal and the Humans of Lora. Choosing first to live in Elafal, tensions broke and resulted in the tragic loss of his mother and baby sister. His father and went off into hiding in a village outside of Lora.

Lusor and Tyson first met as youths in Elafal, and then later at The College of the Whispering Song’s library, where Lusor was studying. During this visit the two fell back into their old ways and played a prank on a local farmer. The prank went awry. In the course of the old flaming bag on the doorstep trick, Tyson’s power got away from him and torched the barn, instead of igniting a spark to light the bag. After burning the barn down, they had to make their way back in the dark to the village through untraversed fields of snakes and evil spirits. They barely survived.

Lusor will generally opt for a diplomatic solution when one presents itself. Not a violent soul, Lusor is quick to lighten a situation with humor or music. He can talk his way out of a jam as fast as he can talk his way into another. Occasionally, Lusor is known to have a wild side, though he has much calmed down since his days as a student.

Party Close Connections:
Tyson Alagos – The two old friends regularly wreaked in the form of (usually) harmless pranks. Both are keenly adept at their respective talents— Lusor with instruments, and Tyson with magic. In fact, Lusor has in part Tyson to thank for his musical proficiency.
Nogg Turell – N’ogg, working as a hired guard in Yuisset outside a tavern, was drawn to Lusor’s sexy, mix-raced features and his musical prowess. She put the moves on him and he did not decline. They had a lovely evening.
Gaitus – After a long night of performing for a raucous lot of revelers, Lusor was heading to his home when he saw whom he thought was a beautiful human female walking ahead of him. After an awkward first meeting, Lusor found out that Gaitus was first of all, not female, and secondly, looking for a place to stay for a short time. Lusor was all too happy to have the company and let Gaitus stay with him for a few weeks.

Ideals: Lusor believes that humor and song can unite friends, diffuse tense situations, and preserve traditions.

Bonds: A viol belonging to Lusor’s mother was taken as a trinket of battle from a Drow attack when he was young. His mother was slaughtered senselessly and he seeks to avenge her death and retrieve the viol.

Flaw: Lusor embraces the lifestyle of bard. He’ll flirt and (probably) share a bed with most females of the speaking races.

Lusor Deloranor

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