King Cyric

King and Elder Statesman of Yiuset of the Northern Sanction


King Cyric the Grey is the 91 year-old ruler of the Kingdom of Yiuset. He is the elder statesman and the most respected leader in the Northern Sanction.

King Cyric is a fair leader and is respected by his court, the people his kingdom, as well all Allies to Yiuset and the Northern Sanction. While he is very likable and respected, Cyric is not immune to political machinations. He keeps his favor so high by making backroom deals, or by appealing to the common people’s emotions and views.

Cyric is not overly religious, but has granted the rise of the Dorian religion throughout the Northern Sanction.

He was alive during the Kingdom of Ull’Thar and witnessed the horrors of that war. His daughter, Princess Elise, is set to inherit the kingdom once her father passes. The people of Yiuset love Princess Elise, and remember her as a girl. Cyric’s younger daughter, Miranda, is rumored to be a devious sorceress who has been banished to a tower built for her.

King Cyric is exceptionally tolerant of other races, including the Half-Orcs and Orcs of Ul-Doka. 30 years prior, King Cyric made a truce with the Orc tribes to the north, which has angered many. A legion of once brutal soldiers called the Sethis abandoned the Northern Sanction along with many sympathizers, and took to the neighboring hills.

They have since grown in power and are set on attacking both the Northern Sanction and Ul-Doka, hoping to be recognized. Baathta is now Lord of these Barbarian Tribes in The Burnt Hills. Cyric will regularly blame the Tribes of the Northern Sanction, which causes a sense of patriotism from the people of Yiuset.


King Cyric

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