Gormak of the Lightfoot Clan

Half-Orc Ranger from Lora


Background: Gormak was born to his mother’s TEMPUS’ FIST CLAN. Being small for a half-orc he was immediately targeted for being a runt. The Clan commanded Gormak’s mother to abandon him, so she tracked his father down in Lora.

Both Gormak’s father and mother were hunters by trade, and met during a cold winter hunt, seeking shelter in the same cave. As he was still too young to accompany his father on the hunt, he was left to different households on the outskirts of town to assist on the farms. Although he was small, Gormak was by far the strongest hand on the farm, which was the only reason he was tolerated. He would often lost his temper and beat up the human and dwarf folk that poked fun at him.

Finally at the age of 10, Gormak’s father started training him to use a bow, track, fight, and took me on hunts. He quickly became a proficient hunter. It was the last season his father promised to leave him behind to work on the farm while he hunted. It was an unusually cold fall and winter. Spring came a few weeks late, and his father never returned.
When Gormak was 14, the humans of Lora & the Dwarves of Karim started having conflicts with the Orc tribes to the west. The local elders — who only tolerated Gormaks presence for his labors — commanded him to leave the area or face retribution. Gormak packed up all his belongings on my back (including his baby quilt that his mother gave him), grabbed his father’s older longbow and quiver, and set off to make his own way. Since Gormak was already exiled from his Orc clan and now being cast out of his human attachment, he headed east.
His father had spoken of the forest and hills north of Belfour, with ample game and towns that would tolerate his kind, and people that would purchase the hides.

Other than bear, deer, elk, and smaller game Gormak never would have to take a life until his 16th birthday. As he tracked a herd of elk through a small valley, two goblins jumped from a nearby tree and attempted to murder him for his belongings.

The last thing that Gormak remembered before launching into a blood boiling rage was a rusty sword biting into his shoulder. The two weak goblins didn’t stand a chance. The one who cut him received Gormak’s dagger into the side of his skull. The other goblin attempted to flee, but his arrow found the goblin’s left calf and planted itself into the ground. The Half-Orc choked the life out of the goblin, while green blood soiled the ground.

From that moment, Gormak knew that he wasn’t only going to hunt wild beasts for food and leathers. He now makes it his mission to stamp out all goblins from existence.

Party Close Connections:
Thoros – Gormak gifted a wild bear to Thoros’ company of soldiers in return for healing his goblin wound and training him in the art of melee combat. The two have grown quite close, and consider each other brothers-in-arms.

Nogg – The first time Gormak met Nogg was many years ago when he was peddling his hides to to the Ver’Tuk tribe. They became friends because of their common half-orc blood. Gormak had never seen a half-orc so strong that could take on full blooded Orcs in unarmed combat. On the flipside, Nogg had never seen a half-orc who exuded so many human qualities. Nogg tried to relay a friendly affection toward Gormak, but was inarticulate in doing so. She has tried to form a bond with him and hopes he will one day come around and realize they are cut form the same cloth — though she can’t convey those feelings so eloquently.

Tyson – Gormak met Tyson in a city where Tyson was tracking down a rare book and Gormak was selling skins. Thinking his skins would make ideal book bindings and being low on funds, Tyson used an illusion to try to swindle the skins from Gormak. Gormak realized something was amiss when his arrow went right through the creature that suddenly sprung up in the city street in front of him. Realizing such skills might be useful in hunting, he agreed to give Tyson the skins he wanted in return for help on a hunting expedition. Tyson, slightly nervous the Half-Orc would tear his arm off, agreed. Tyson and Gormak are friends after bonding on their hunting trip.

Ideals: Usefulness to the group is most important above all else.

Bonds: A handmade quiver is the only remaining possession from his mother.

Flaw: Wanting to belong so badly, Gormak is naive towards anyone being nice to him. However, group members that don’t pull their weight are treat poorly. His "short-Orc syndrome causes Gormak to anger quickly when his size is mentioned.

Gormak of the Lightfoot Clan

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