Human Rogue Charlatan from Parts Unkown


Background: Gaitus has conned more people than he can remember. Ever since he was a child, he was conning someone. He’s done some things he’s not proud of.

As a young kid, Gaitus found himself alone in the streets. Not knowing where to go he eventually found a home with an elderly couple who took a liking to him. Upon learning that they were due to be evicted he set up an elaborate plan to con the town’s largest gang using magic tricks, slight of hand, and no less than seven different festive disguises. After making out with his small fortune and paying it to the elderly couple he ran as to not draw the ire of the gang upon his caretakers.

More recently, Gaitus conned a wealthy noble out of their fortune. After living years in a luxurious manor, spending beyond his means, and refusing to invest he found himself penniless. Now, unable to cope with living a “normal” lifestyle, Gaitus has set out in search of a new fortune in the form of adventuring.

Party Close Connections:
Thoros – Gaitus met Thoros in a tavern near the city of Belfour while the rogue was fleeing from a gang that he had conned. Gaitus with his quick thinking, decided to con Thoros into acting as his own personal bodyguard with the promise of helping him locate and avenge his company’s killer/Yuan-Ti leader. Gaitus has since used Thoros in various cons without the Dragonborn knowing. Thoros is usually there to act as Gaitus’ cover or as a means to make amends for the poor people that the rogue swindles. Thoros is slowly beginning to lose his faith in Gaitus after the lack of progress in finding the Yuan-Ti leader he made six months ago.

Nogg – Gaitus tells Thoros that they need to help a sick woman that he has a history with. But Gaitus has other ideas — that being conning a sick woman out of her gold. Not knowing that Alena Turell had a child who’s inheritance he would be stealing, the charlatan conned Alena’s fortune using medical care as a ruse. Unfortunately, it turns out she had a daughter Nogg, who does not know about the missing inheritance. Gaitus is worried that Nogg will find out about the money, which was gambled away. He keeps her close, always looks out for her, and is racked with guilt at the fact that he unknowingly stole her inheritance. Still, he cannot find the nerve to tell her. Maybe someday.

Gormak – Gormak saw a really well dressed man at the market one day. It was Gaitus. Gaitus expressed interest in Gormak’s leathers for a new outfit. Trying to sweeten the Half-Orc to get a “good price”, Gaitus told Gormak that he had recognized his work. This being Gormak’s first creation, he asked Gaitus if he knew his missing father. Gaitus confirmed that his work is identical. Excited to hear news of his father, Gormak asked Gaitus if he had any idea where he might be. Gaitus suggested Gormak give him the leather armor on commission of aid in finding his father. He agreed. Gaitus has promised Gormak he will help him located his father. But he has yet to come through. Meanwhile, Gaitus wears the leather armor with pride. Pride for the con he put on Gormak.

Ideals: Creativity. Gaitus never runs the same con twice and cares most about living life to its fullest, which includes over indulging.

Bonds: Gaitus fleeced the wrong person and must work to ensure that this individual never crosses paths with him or those he cares about. He doesn’t want to know about the consequences of his actions, because he’ll most certainly feel guilty.

Flaw: Gaitus is quick to earn coin from his cons. But somehow he’s always in debt. Probably because he spends faster than anyone he knows. He’s greedy, can be cowardly and is spoiled.


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