Crossroads in Cain

Session 1: Ready Player One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Our story (sorta) begins....

The port city of Yiuset bustles with trade and teems with excitement. The city has begun a week-long celebration that will lead up to “Noble Knights Day”. The religion that celebrates this occasion is called the Dorian Religion or Church of the Martyr King.

Here’s the story of the Dorian Religion, also known as the Church of the Martyr King:

The Titan Gods, who were angry at the Speaking Races for twisting arcane magic and creating new gods, began destroying the world in wrathful vengeance. Abyssal creatures and the “splintering” unleashed by the Titan Gods caused the continent to split into three. Dorian, the first human King of The Sanction (North and South combined), wove a tapestry of combined lesser god magic and sacrificed himself for the good of all the inhabitants of the world.

Dorian’s plan worked. The Titan Gods were destroyed, never to return. The Abyssal creatures have never entered Cain, even though their presence lingers in the ocean and in Cain’s sister continents. Worshipers believe that Dorian’s protective magic still holds strong, keeping Cain free from Abyssal Splinters and the creatures that spawn from it.

Dorians worship the sacrifice and life of Dorian, “The Martyr King”. They try to embody the principles of sacrifice for the greater good, and live a life of charity and decency to their fellow man. Churches are ornate made of stone masonry, painted glass and numerous torches. (Think Catholic cathedrals, but more fire.) Churches must be built in stone. No wood can be used in making the structure. This is to signify the enduring strength of the religion and its worshipers.

The main symbol is an empty throne to signify the sacrifice made by King Dorian. Church services are led by local “knights”, which are basically just priests. Clergy leadership is a council of five. They reside in Ardenia City in Lorna.

As a rule, they practice no magic except for defense. It was said that King Dorian bent the arcana to safeguard civilization. He knew that such magic could be used to wield immense, and dangerous power. Therefore, worshippers to the religion are forbidden from using magic all together, so as to not become tempted to evil thoughts and deeds.

The celebrate three major events in in the King Dorian lore:
1. Empty Throne — Once per week every year worshipers pray in seclusion and silence. Pilgrims travel to Ardenia City to pray to the Empty Throne. It is a solemn seven days, and one not taken lightly by worshippers. It it the holiest of holidays.

2. Noble Knights Day — Once per year, worshipers pay homage to the valiant knights who protected and safeguarded Cain during and after the Splintering. These anointed knights fought off monsters of Cain and hoards of undead (with the magical defensive power of the Dorian religion) when the Southern Sanction was destroyed by the evil druid, Kaleth-varr of the now Dead Kingdom. Their sacrifice and bravery are celebrated on Noble Knights Day. Worshippers turn out, feast, give thanks and contribute to the churches coffers. Priests (now called “knights”) are treated like celebrities during the day (and even in the lead up).

The lead up to Noble Knights Day are true celebrations with feasts, music and parades. (Think Mardi Gras with slightly less crowds and less boobs.)

3. Good Deeds Day — As a way to pay tribute to Dorian, many worshippers do a good deed for someone in need. It’s usually a day to help the needy or poor, though it can be used for good days all around.

We begin our story 60 miles outside of Yiuset. Our group of adventurers have been hired by Yiuset’s royal crown to search for Orlin Swift, a young Bard in service to King Cyric. Orlin is set to headline “Noble Knight’s Day” celebration concertos. The King — sensing it may be his last before he dies — needs Orlin to be returned safely in time for the concert to preserve his legacy.

Luckily, royal officials have a good idea where Orlin is. Recently, the “Knight” of Yiuset’s Dorian cathedral by the name of Farhan received a letter from the proprietor of The Coach, a near-ancient Inn & Tavern. In the letter, Delb Mattockblade, wrote that his son Randall went missing and he recently hired Orlin (who was traveling back to Yiuset) to find his son. The reason the church was notified is because Delb has a feeling it has something to do with a ruined Dorian chapel/guard tower, which has a long history of dark legends attached to its name.

Royal officials have sent a few adventuring parties to investigate, with no luck (and frankly, no word of what has happened). Our party has travelled two days to The Coach and have just stored their belongings in a room.


Hello, it’s Gormak (Leggett) couid you send me an invite for the game?


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