Crossroads in Cain

Session 2: Going to the chapel, and we're...

In our last episode, the party was sent by King Cyric the Grey (of Yiuset) to find his missing bard. The bard, Orlin Swift, was set to headline the upcoming ‘Noble Knight’s Festival’ — likely King Cyric’s last — but had not been seen.

However, Farhan, the high priest (dubbed “Knight”) of the local Cathedral of the Martyr King, received an urgent letter from the proprietor of The Coach, a near-ancient Inn & Tavern. In the letter, Delb Mattockblade, wrote that his son Randall went missing and he recently hired Orlin (who was traveling back to Yiuset) to find his son.

Delb notified the church is because he had a feeling it has something to do with a ruined centuries old Dorian Chapel & Guard tower called Lightwatch Tower, which has a long history of dark legends attached to its name.

Royal officials had sent a few adventuring parties to investigate, with no luck (and frankly, no word of what has happened). The adventurers, the third by King Cyric by the church’s insistence travelled two days to The Coach.

They met a cast of characters:

  • Delb Mattocksblade — The owner of The Coach. An agreeable, burly man. His family has been stewards of the near-ancient tavern for many generations. Together, Gaitus and Tyson searched his son’s room for any clues of his disappearance. They found nothing, though Delb did tell them Randall was wearing a gold belt buckle. Gaitus later would con Delb into trading away some much needed healing potions for a worthless bottle of liquid.
  • Grundle – An angry dwarf who complained out loud when Lusor decided to busk in the tavern. Nogg almost got into a brawl with the surly patron for defending Lusor’s honor.
    *Laurence – Human tavern server. Was very interested in Lusor’s playing ability. He clumsily knocked over some flagons and bottles watching him perform.

After a little bit of a debate when to leave, the party decided to head out that night. Delb gave traveling instructions on how to find the tower, and warned them that the tower is bathed in unnatural darkness the closer you get to it.

The party traveled and on the way encountered a Wood-Elf Ranger by the name of Kestrel. Kestrel playfully fired a warning shot that landed in a tree next to Nogg. Nogg, not happy about it, charged him. Gormak, the Half-Orc Ranger stopped Nogg and told her that he protects the woods from evil, and that it’s probably not a good idea to attack Kestrel. Nogg reluctantly agreed.

Kestrel told the party:

  • The Lightwatch Tower is dangerous. Two parties of adventurers previously sent by King Cyric have not returned.
  • The Bard was also seen entering by himself, and did not come out.
  • Randall Mattockblade and Laurence (the server) were lovers and they entered the Tower thinking they could keep their relationship hidden. Laurence was able to escape. Randall did not.

Thanks to Gormak’s effective shaming, the party convinced Kestrel to lead them in to the darkness that enveloped the Tower. The party overcame some of the darkness with a help from Tyson casting some light. The party encountered some skeletons and defeated them.

They soon discovered the chapel entrance and looked inside. Kneeling in the center of the ruined chapel was a humanoid skeleton, apparently made out of or coated in gold. Piles of bones were spread around the chapel. The party devised a plan to trick the gold skeleton with an illusion. While distracted, the party rammed the doors open with a felled tree.

The party hit the skeleton with the battering ram, knocking it prone. As it stood, it issued an otherworldly wail as a topaz the size of a hen’s egg in its bony forehead flashes with sudden pulse of brilliance. Four piles of bones lying about the ruined chapel glowed brightly with golden light and sprung to their feet….



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