Crossroads in Cain

Episode VI: Drow-ning in the Realm's Problems

The adventure began with soldiers of Lord Oranas, the leader of the High Elves of Elafal, coming to the rescue of the party. As they engaged Cordnaa and two of the Noble Knight Guards of Cantwy, the party made a dash for the catacombs — well most of them. Retreating was not in Nogg and Gormak’s blood. You know, the whole half-orc thing. They put up a good fight, but the Noble Knights and Cantwy were too much to handle — even with Oranas’ high elf warriors. Eventually they split and Gaitus tossed a fire bomb and set the room ablaze. At least that’s what he last saw. He was down the passage before he could make out what had happened to the room’s inhabitants.

(Wait, did Gaitus just firebomb the Elves?! Oh, Gaitus.)

Once underground the party made its way through the catacombs. Farhan told the group to rub some of the holy water from a basin on their heads and hearts and casted a spell. Suddenly everyone felt completely healed and rested.

They made their way through the catacombs with Farhan in the lead. As they made their way down a dark hall and loud explosion was heard. Eight Drown warriors emerged and fought the group with pesky poison arrows. (Nogg was put to sleep a few times! Thankfully Farhan was always there to pull the arrow and shake the half-orc awake.)

But eventually the party destroyed all the Drow (except for one who made an escape through the blast hole they came through). Some sweet loot was discovered (see below) as well as some stone weapons, which Drow sometimes use to defend themselves off simple steel weapon immune underdark monsters. (Thanks for that knowledge Tyson and Gormak.)

The party exited the catacombs to Farhan’s residence to wait and watch out for any trouble. During this time Nogg and Farhan got to know each other…ahem….a little better. It was decided that Gaitus would go to his Alchemist Guild, the Black Hand, to tell the leader of the news and to seek guidance. Meanwhile, (per Farhan’s insistence) the rest of the group would meet with the king to warn him of the danger and seek guidance.

Gaitus met with Digan, the leader of the Black Hand, to warn him of the party’s problem. It was unsure what came of that though.

At Castle Grey, King Cyric was pulled from the Alliance meeting. Him and Princess Elise met them in the King’s solarium. The news of the attack, the appearance of Oranas’ elves, and the story of the Titan Stones was told to Cyric. Cyric was appalled and definitely concerned with the Drow making such a raid.

The dots were connected — Cordnaa and the Drow likely were in on it. But was he just taking orders from Cantwy? And how did Oranas know when to save the party by intervening?

The King asked to see the amulet. Farhan and Nogg had to twist Gormak’s arm, but he eventually showed it. The King looked it over for a few minutes and proclaimed that the amulet and the Ironwood chest should remain at the castle for safekeeping. Reluctantly the group agreed. Gormak set a poison arrow trap and Lusor spun it charismatically that Gormak was just marking the chest and its content.

Once the amulet chest was secured, the King asked for Cantwy and Lord Oranas to join to explain themselves. Cantwy was defiant, and said that his paige likely bribed the two guards and made an alliance to sell the amulet. Cordnaa was stupid.

Next, King Cyric switched to Oranas. What interest did he have in the amulet? Confused, Oranas replied that he had no clue of any amulet. Rather, that he was protecting other precious cargo. His son…..Tyson.

The party earned:
800XP for fighting the Drow (200 each)
800XP for good role-playing (200 each)

Party loot earned in this session:
30 GP
3 gems, each worth 50GP
Bead of Force (magic item)
Potion of Invulnerability (magic item)
6 Chainmail shirts
15 poison arrows
3 simple daggers
3 stone warhammers
10 charges holy water/spells



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