Crossroads in Cain

Episode V: Feast and Foes

A couple hours after the conclusion of the games, it was time for the feast. The banquet hall was full of local dignitaries, save of course the royalty.

Nogg sees his uncle and goes over to talk with him. Nearby is Victor Roybouff. Nogg is noticeably distracted as he speaks with his uncle. Nogg’s uncle remarks kindly about Nogg’s friends’ accomplishments at the recent tournament. Nogg beckons the rest and they join the discussion. Gaitus recognizes the uncle as someone he had conned a few years ago.
The uncle explains how Nogg’s family had slowly lost influence since the death of his mother Elena. He also notes that Victor Roybouff may be responsible for this fall of family favor. Uncle believes that Elena may have been poisoned by Roybouff.

Trumpets sound and the royalty enters. Cyric greets the guests, making sure to note the recent accomplishments of our party. He also alludes to some threats still facing the kingdom, especially from the Spine Mountain region. Cyric then hands the ceremony over to Orlin the Bard, who bring the house down with his virtuosity. Lusor, no slouch of a musician himself, is rightfully mesmerized.

Gaitus is looking at a reflection of himself in a bottle, checking for food between his teeth when Nogg gets his attention. Nogg asks him if he knows anything more about Victor, who Nogg believes may have hired an assassin to kill his mother. Gaitus says that he does not but that he will try to help him out. Nogg takes a big swig of ale and thanks Gaitus.
A couple of Oranas the Elf’s friends approach Tyson. They present him with a topaz gem as a gift from Oranas. The elves soon leave. Tyson studies the gem and recognizes it as a seeker stone. Were these elves trying to track Tyson? And if so, what could be the cause?
Gormak and Lusor are drinking some portwine when Cordnaa and Farhan join them. Farhan asks them about a ‘certain item of import’ that they may have found. Lusor knows they are talking about the pendant they found back at the church, however he plays dumb. “We found some curious potions, which we gave to Gaitus,” he lied. Gormak can read genuine excitement from Farhan.

Thoros notices that Thane Gilmarad and Elise have been having a serious discussion for quite some time. His curiosity gets the better of him as he goes to the keg as an excuse to get closer to them. As he is filling up his mug, he gestures to Gaitus to come closer too. The best that Thoros can make out is that they are talking about some sort of alliance. Gaitus and Thoros decide to bring them a drink to strike up a conversation, but they are quickly rebuffed by a guard.

The festivities end and a tipsy crowd adjourns to their respective domiciles. The next morning, the party meets at the library. Tyson explains that the pendant they found was made by Dorian himself and that it gives the wearer unimaginable power. After some discussion, everyone decides it is a good idea to go to the outskirts of town to test it out. They do just that. Tyson dawns the pendant and tries to hit a tree with a spell. The ground shakes and splits and out of the chasm emerges a horrid abomination.
The abomination however is no match for Tyson and his friends who easily dispense with its existence. Thoros says that we should alert the guards of the chasm just in case more evil comes of it. The crew heads back towards the cathedral.

At the cathedral, Farhan and Cordnaa are together. Cordnaa leaves and Farhan brings everyone into a private back room. He explains more about the pendant. Its stone is linked to the person for whom Dorian had given it, and therefore may not be reliable when wielded by another.

As Farhan is explaining, a couple of Cantwy’s bodyguards barge in, followed by Cardnaa. “Fools! Hand over the pendant,” he cries. From seemingly out of nowhere, the two elves that Tyson had met earlier also enter. It seems our heroes are in quite a bind.



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